Producing Bosnian Rainbows

The production is over and Omar, Teri, Nicci and DeeAntoni are back in the US to finish their tour.
I am going to send the 3 2″ tapes over to Baltimore where the Bosnian Rainbows Debut is going to be mixed.
We are all very excited! Cannot wait to hear the finish product.
It may be the best record I have done so far. So the days of writing tape documentation, summing everything together and appoving my skills on punch-ins and punch-outs on tape were worth it!

Here is a little view from the inside of guitar recording…


  1. Shawn

    What kind of Wah pedals are those 2 to the left?

  2. Mariano

    hello. any way to view the longer video that was online last week of the recordings. I noticed it was taken down for copyright? it was some great footage. thanks for all your hard work.

    • jott

      Hey Mariano.
      Sure, we will release a full length DVD this year! We are collecting more material from concerts that took place after the BR session. Also the “…live at Clouds Hill” 10″s will be available seperately but all that will need some time … hope you are able to wait. :-)
      check for updates!
      Thank you for your interest.

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